Draft Christie Movement Kicks-Off

A new website dedicated to convincing Chris Christie to run for President–and to galvanize those who support the idea–debuted this morning.

The site, draftchristie2012.com, is the brainchild of Donald Sico, the former executive director of the New Jersey Republican Assembly and currently a health care and energy lobbyist, said he thought that the site would be enough to convince Christie to get off the sidelines.

“He has said very clearly and plainly tht he doesn’t want to become President, and doesn’t want to leave New Jersey, but that’s why I am doing it. We need to convince him.”

Christie has said that he will not run for President in 2012, saying that he does not yet believe he is qualified and that he is not ready to leave his current position after only ten months on the job.

But Sico, who described his former position as basically being like the chief-of-staff to two Speakers of the New Jersey Assembly, pointed out that Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States despite also serving less than two years as the governor of New Jersey.

“He saw problems on the national and world stage that he felt needed to be addressed,” Sico said. “By no stretch of the imagination has Chris Christie been able to solve New Jersey’s deep, deep problems…but he set us on the path for solving those problems. In ten months he has made incredible progress.”

Christie has become a powerhouse fundraiser for Republicans, and will be headlining an event at the end of the month for Republican attorney general candidate Dan Donovan. Republicans say they like Christie’s plain-spoken style and willingness to cut spending, although it remains to be seen how well his cancellation of the ARC tunnel will play in a state starved for transit resources.

“I personally don’t see anyone else that can do the job,” Sico said. “I personally love Sarah Palin, but I don’t know why we would start a very uphill campaign against what will be by then probably a very popular incumbent with someone who has one foot in the hole. She engenders not just dislike, but intense dislike among progressives and some in the media.”

Sico said that by contrast, Christie is a media favorite, and said that even some on the left speak affectionately about him. And, Sico pointed out, Christie is a pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro-gun social conservative who can play well in even deeply red states.




  Draft Christie Movement Kicks-Off