Ed Koch Says He And Rudy Giuliani Are Now Friends

Perhaps this makes them frenemies?

Ed Koch, who once wrote a book about Rudy Giulani called Nasty Man, said that he and the former mayor are now buddies.

“I want you to understand that there is a philosophical difference between Giuliani and myself, but there is no enmity,” Hizzoner said about Hizzoner. “We are friends.”

Reminded about his book by the The Daily News‘ Adam Lisberg, Koch said “How many years ago was that?” Lisberg then asked Koch if Giuliani has changed. Responded Koch, “I doubt it. You never change your character. I mean, character is character.”

He added, “What I’ve always said about Rudy was that he was an excellent, a superb mayor…I had my problems with him, which was his personality, the way he treated people.”

As recently as three years ago, Koch sent out a massive email in which he urged people not to support Giuliani’s presidential bid.

“In my opinion, it would be very harmful to our country if Rudy were to become president. Rudy simply does not tell the truth when it suits him not to,” Koch wrote then. Now Koch says that he actually voted for Giuliani himself twice–in 1993 and 1997.

Koch came by City Hall to endorse Mike McMahon for Congress. Giuliani has endorsed McMahon’s opponent Michael Grimm. But, as Koch noted, they are both backing Dan Donovan for attorney general. Giuliani also serves as a trustee on Koch’s reform group, NY Uprising.

  Ed Koch Says He And Rudy Giuliani Are Now Friends