Elsewhere: Bush Misses “Being Pampered”

A Siena Poll showed safe leads for Andrew Cuomo and Tom DiNapoli, and a less safe one for Eric Schneiderman.

Donovan will not be on the air this week.

The Harvard Club rejected Eliot Spitzer.

And NYC voters seem to reject the idea of a President Bloomberg.

David Greenfield is backing Mike McMahon

Larry Flynt wants Carl Paladino to come work for Hustler Magazine.

Charlie Rangel is pressuring his Democratic colleagues to give to the DCCC.

A bigwig Democratic donor said the same thing.

Christine O’Donnell is hyping the endorsement of Pamela Geller

Even if Democrats hold onto the House, Nancy Pelosi may not remain Speaker.

There is not a constituency for more transportation funding.

The National Review is getting involved in the Hinchey-Phillips race

George W. Bush misses being pampered.

Ed Koch wants the Assembly Democrats to dump Shelly Silver.

Cy Vance formed a unit in the D.A’s office that will focus on public corruption. Elsewhere: Bush Misses “Being Pampered”