Elsewhere: Cuomo Takes Charge

Andrew Cuomo is starting to take charge of the Democrats fall prospects.

There is a website that contains a considerable amount of personal information about Fred Dicker and encourages visitors to harass him. The Paladino campaigns denies any knowledge.

Ed Koch on Obama: “I never fully accepted that Obama didn’t hear his minister [Jeremiah Wright] make those awful anti-Semitic statements over 20 years. I wanted to believe him. I willed myself to believe him…. What he has done is break that trust. Like Humpty Dumpty, once you break it, you can’t put it together again.”

Democrats are getting confident.

Bloomberg and Paterson handled questions about Vito Lopez.

David Dinkins thinks Charles Barron should be allowed to debate.

After finishing his opening round of casual meet-and-greets, Rahm Emanuel hopped into a Dodge Caravan, in which he could be seen vigorously sanitizing his hands in plain view of television cameras and reporters.

Today may be the day that Vito Lopez became sexy.

Rev. Ruben Diaz, scourge of Democrats everywhere  is open to Carl Paladino

The Post has a run-down of Election Day problems.

Dueling polls in NY-20.

His mayoral dreams faded, the Naked Cowboy is running for president.



Elsewhere: Cuomo Takes Charge