Elsewhere: Dan Donovan, Dominic Carter, UFO’s

One in four dollars raised by Dan Donovan this year comes from a single hedge fund whose CEO has emerged as a staunch defender of Wall Street and who has given millions to candidates who want to keep the federal government away from financial regulation.

Dominic Carter says that Carl Paladino’s 15 minutes of fame are up

The NYPD has paid out nearly $1 billion in lawsuit claims over the past decade.

Governing Magazine moves the AG’s race from likely Dem to lean Dem.

UFO’s, or balloons, were spotted over the city

Joe Biden will be Barack Obama’s running mate in 2012.

Congrats to Alison Hirsh, the new 32BJ political director.

Chuck Schumer and Jay Townsend will debate.

Andrew Cuomo for Tim Bishop.

Michelle Obama voted early.

Charles Barron is in it to win it at the debate.

Dan Jacoby doesn’t think the Speaker of the City Council should have so much power.

Campaign ads are growing more negative.

Since pollsters don’t call cellphones, they may be undercutting Democrats.

Elsewhere: Dan Donovan, Dominic Carter, UFO’s