Elsewhere: Monserrate Turns Himself In

Hiram Monserrate was indicted for abuse of discretionary funds.

Monserrate quickly became an issue on the campaign trail.

Carl Paladino didn’t like the format of last night’s debate and wants more.

CKatz has the scoop on Today In The AG’s Race.

This DP headline caught our eye: “How To Make Money By Blogging.”

Chris Christie is backing Michael Grimm.

Bloomberg will not be endorsing Chuck Schumer.

Hall and Hayworth are now tied.

Peter King, Nita Lowey, Joe Crowley and Mike McMahon have the most cash on hand in the NY delegation.

Proponents of charter schools scored a victory in the state’s highest court this morning, which ruled that the alternative public schools don’t have to pay “prevailing wage” on building projects.

Nancy Pelosi is dining on the Upper East Side this evening.

Dan Choi, the man who inspired Kirsten Gillibrand to pursue repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, is re-enlisting.

New Moynihan Station renderings.

Yes, Carl Paladino really left to take a leak last night.

Elsewhere: Monserrate Turns Himself In