Elsewhere: Not A Witch

The first AEG television ad.

Dan Maffei isn’t sold on the continuing idea of a Speaker Pelosi.

Andrew Cuomo endorsed David Valesky in the 49th state Senate district.

Michael McMahon gets a write-up from the UFT website.

Democratic congressman Scott Murphy is now trailing

Roll Call thinks Charlie Rangel might represent himself.

NYC doesn’t want to assign races to students.

At the Dan Donovan fundraiser last night, Mike Bloomberg said, “We’re the laughingstock of the country.”

President Obama told Rev. Al Sharpton today on his radio show that the 2010 election is as important as the 2008 one.

Republican George Pataki thinks Democrats should vote for Republican.

Democrats are gaining in California.

The Star-Ledger reports that Chris Christie will kill the ARC project, again.

Carl Paladino would like you to cancel your Buffalo News subscription.

I’m Not A Witch, the remix.

Gaffes throughout the campaign made the Colorado Senate race the closest in the country.

Florida gubernatorial candidate cheats by getting a text during debate. Elsewhere: Not A Witch