Elsewhere: Paladino Targets Park Slope

My how times have changed. Kristen Davis campaign slogan: Vote Homo, Not Cuomo.

32BJ is mailing for Brian Foley.

Eric Schneiderman will contribute to charity all the money he received thanks to a legal loophole that lets state lawmakers deduct work expenses even from days they’re not at work.

Barack Obama is sitting down with political bloggers.

Carl Paladino is trying to court the lesbians of Park Slope, MagHabe reports.

The front-runner for the job of Alabama state treasurer is named “Young Boozer.”

Jimmy McMillan is a columnist for the UK Guardian.

Dan Amira talked to all of the third-party candidates for governor.

Nicole Bell got endorsed by Al Sharpton and a handful of local officials.

You can dress as the Iron Sheik and still vote in Connecticut

Paladino hit Cuomo on his HUD tenure.

The HuffPo calls the Wilson/DiNapoli race “sexy.” Elsewhere: Paladino Targets Park Slope