Elsewhere: Post-Debate Edition

Nick Rizzo and Alex Pareene liveblogged the debate.

So did Liz. And Michael Grynbaum. And CKatz.

David Paterson had advice for Cuomo: “I would stick to the most important issues I want New Yorkers to know, and try to have a tight presentation and maybe tune out everything that’s going on.” 

Greg Edwards predicted that tonight would not be such a big deal.

Is Bloomberg still aiming for the presidency?

The mayor doesn’t think it’s appropriate for teachers to “friend” students.

Myers Mermel for Paladino.

CUNY is working to get out the college vote.

Paul Krugman writes the epitaph for the Obama administration.

Jimmy Vielkind looks at how Cuomo is now firing up the Democratic base.

There is now a suggestion box on the city’s website.

Rick Lazio will re-emerge at the Rochester Rotary Club.



Elsewhere: Post-Debate Edition