Bloomberg BusinessWeek Really Wants to End Bailouts

Apparently Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a severe beef with the very idea of any future government bailouts of U.S. financial firms. Readers who use an RSS reader have seen Chris Farrell’s Monday evening missive titled “End Bailouts — No Ifs, Ands, or Buts” cycle before their eyes untold times today.

The Observer wouldn’t have said anything, but on the piece’s most recent trip into our Google Reader feed, we felt we had to investigate, and it turned out we are not alone:

We’re no fans of bailouts either, and with the foreclosure crisis escalating, we’re concerned about what the government might do to prop up the sector with “most favored industry” status. But simple repetition isn’t going to help! At least change the phrasing. Theme and variation, guys, theme and variation.

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