Self Redesigned, But Lucy Danziger is Still the Story

The New York Times has an article tody about a redesign of Self Magazine for the November issue. But, given that redesigns aren’t the most exciting topic, it’s another story about editor Lucy Danziger moving very fast through space and being strong. (She’s so strong!) She’s parking her Vespa outside Donny Deutsch’s townhouse. She’s cutting the line to say hello to Hoda Kotb (it was her book party). Ms. Kotb and Ms. Danziger used to do triathalons together. Ms. Danziger leaves Ms. Kotb and goes to chat with Al Roker about marathon training. Her conversations are “short little burst, like speed dating.”

The Times dedicated an item last October to Ms. Danziger’s decision to bike in to work at Four Times Square instead of taking a town car. On that October morning, she ran six miles. She threw on some Tory Burch and black leather boots. She grabbed a cup of coffee “She hopped on the bike, and standing over the seat, began to pump her legs west to Fifth Avenue. She disappeared within seconds.”

As for the redesign, the letters in the magazine’s logo are now going to be bold. The section “‘Eat Right’ has been softened to ‘Smart Eating,’ making it sound less like a command,” according to The Times. The idea is to really target the magazine’s audience and catch up with Shape and Women’s Fitness, two younger competitors that are beating Self on the newsstand and in advertising sales. The redesign story ends with Ms. Danziger killing a photo of a teddy bear and ribbing her creative director. “Try to convince me I’m not going to kill this,” Ms. Danziger told her colleague. She is tough! Self Redesigned, But Lucy Danziger is Still the Story