Eric Schneiderman and the Constant Cuomo Connection

Part of attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman’s campaign strategy has been to release one policy statement every day.

After a few weeks of e-mail blasts, The Observer has noticed a small trend: Almost all of Schneiderman’s policy plans have the same refrain–praise for the work of departing AG and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo, and a promise to continue Cuomo’s work.

The policy piggy-backing comes as the state Senator and the would-be governor share a newfound embrace.

During the Democratic primary, Cuomo quietly backed Schneiderman’s opponent, Kathleen Rice, and, at one point, said there were a number of good candidates in the field, without mentioning Schneiderman.

But Cuomo came around after the primary, giving Schneiderman a hearty hug at an endorsement event on September 27, in which he declared the two to be on exactly the same page. And, earlier this week, we noted that some Cuomo associates–like his finance chair Andrew Farkas and his longtime confidant Michael del Giudice–have begun to turn up in Schneiderman’s list of contributors.

Meanwhile, the policy ode is starting to sound more like a torch song

On corporate climate change responsibility:

Eric Schneiderman announced today his plan to continue and build on the successful program launched by Attorney General Cuomo to require carbon-intensive companies to disclose financial risks related to global warming.

On cracking down on crime in the suburbs:

He will build on the successes of Attorney General Cuomo’s “Nowhere to Hide” program and ramp up civil prosecutions of absentee landlords who are indirectly profiting from drug activity at the expense of whole communities.

On fighting health insurance fraud:

The Attorney General has been the state’s primary consumer protector, and I will continue to follow in the tradition of Andrew Cuomo by cracking down on new frauds that threaten vulnerable New Yorkers.

On Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s guilty plea to public corruption felony:

Having chaired the investigation that led to the expulsion of a corrupt senator from my own party, as Attorney General I will continue Andrew Cuomo’s practice of fearlessly investigating officials who betray the people, regardless of their party, region, or background.

On his commitment to environmental action:

Eric also believes that environmental protection and job creation must go hand in hand.  As Attorney General, Eric will build upon the strong Cuomo record on the environment.

On combating Medicaid fraud:

He will continue the work of Attorney General Cuomo, whose Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) won a national award as the best such unit in the country.

On Wall Street policing:

Only Eric will continue the important battles Andrew Cuomo has fought on behalf of hardworking families across the state.

  Eric Schneiderman and the Constant Cuomo Connection