Food Fight: Florida Bagel Bakers Sue Over Proprietary ‘Brooklyn’ Water

Everybody knows the secret to the city’s bagels and pizza is the water, which why when the foolish among us depart for places like Boca and LA, the one thing they never stop kvetching about is the lack of good carbs. Well, Steven Fassberg of Palm Beach though he hit on the perfect solution, creating the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company last year, where he specially filters his water to create the closest thing to H&H one could hope for south of the Mason/Dixon.

Only problem is, a rival bagel maker has tried to pull a Times Square fast one on Fassberg, creating its own “authentic” water. The master baker has sued Mamma Mia’s Trattoria & Brick Oven Pizzeria for misappropriation of technology in state court, while the pie-zannos have sued back in federal court, alleging it is ludicrous to patent a water filtration process.

“We make it ultra pure to begin with and then we reinsert those nuances that make it Brooklyn water,” Fassberg told the Sun Sentinel newspaper, adding that there are plans for stores from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills, with Larry King in talks to be the national spokesperson. Oy!

mchaban [at] | @mc_nyo Food Fight: Florida Bagel Bakers Sue Over Proprietary ‘Brooklyn’ Water