Fox Reports: Time Traveler Caught on Film!

Oooh boy. Fox, not one to pass up a item trending strongly on Twitter, is reporting on a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film that appears to show a time traveler talking on a cellphone. Remember folks, as host Megyn Kelly informs us, the cell phone “would not be invented for decades.”

She throws it over to Trace Gallagher, who has watched this video and at least a dozen times and confirms that it “really is weird.”

The film was shot outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood before a screening of the Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus.

Blurry footage shows a woman holding something to her ear and possibly talking at the same time.

Blogger Jason Kottke, who is responsible for the Charlie Chaplin Time Travel Cell Phone meme’s recent popularity, speculates that it may in fact be a external vacuum tube hearing aid.

Hmmm, better get to the bottom of this, Fox. “So we checked, was it a transistor radio?” asks Gallagher. “Nope, not invented for twenty years. Was it a walkie talkie, nope, not invented for ten years.”

Megyn Kelly tries to be helpful. “Maybe she was singing into a radio.” Hmmm, sorry Megyn, we just established it couldn’t be a radio. Perhaps you time traveled to that question from 30 seconds ago and missed that portion of this stunning investigation.

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