Freddy’s, the Atlantic Yards-Fightin’ Dive Bar, Finds a New Brooklyn Home

Freddy’s, the former Prospect Heights speakeasy–one that actually dates to Prohibition, as opposed to all the new school poseurs that have cropped up in the neighborhood of late–has finally found a new home. One of the last holdouts to Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, the dive’s owners and patrons had promised to chain themselves to the bar rather than leave, only to announce their departure in April. The reason was a hope to salvage what they could of the bar and move it to a location at 4th Avenue and Union Street, on the Gowanus-Park Slope border.

Apparently that did not work out, as Dennis O’Finn, the bar’s owner, has just announced that the new Freddy’s will actually be on the Greenwood Heights-Windsor Terrace border, at 627 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of 17th Street.  That used to be home to Ellis, another bar, which served a mean red pepper jam.

An opening date remains to be set, though a lease was signed last night. “The opening of the doors is contingent on the speed and accuracy of both the State Liquor Authority and the Department of Buildings, as well as the embrace of Community Board 7,” O’Finn wrote in an email. It’s true bars can have a hard time acquiring a liquor license, yet the existence of its predecessor provides a promising sign, as well as the relative lack of establishments this far down Fifth.

“Before opening, there will be extensive remodeling to flavor the space ‘Freddy’s,'” O’Finn added. “We will still feature our popular videos, art exhibitions, live music and a few surprises. The ‘Chains of Justice’ will still grace our bar as a reminder of the power of the community bond.” It’s good to know somethings never change, megaprojects be damned.

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Freddy’s, the Atlantic Yards-Fightin’ Dive Bar, Finds a New Brooklyn Home