George Soros Wants Weed to Be Legal

Marijuana really needs to be legal, billionaire octogenarian philanthropist and Wall Street heavyweight George Soros writes in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Soros highlights the tremendous cost of keeping marijuana offenders behind bars, saying law enforcement spends billions collaring 750,000 hopheads a year. He points out that black people are much more likely to be pinched for weed in certain cities. He traces pot legislation’s anti-Mexican roots while simultaneously arguing that Mexican drug dealers are the primary beneficiaries of anti-Thai stick policy.

Plus, says Soros, teens have such an easy time getting dope when it’s illegal that legalizing it won’t do much to facilitate their drug use. So we should spend our money teaching kids about pot and not spend money on throwing a bunch of stoners in jail.

Our former college roommates could not agree more.

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George Soros Wants Weed to Be Legal