Gillibrand For Vets [VIDEO]

Kirsten Gillibrand is out with a new ad today touting her support for military veterans and pointing to her record in Congress to cut vets’ taxes and increase their benefits.

The ad is very much a general election spot, one which is designed to appeal to Republican leaning men. In the piece, Gillibrand is seen mostly talking to older men, who typically vote Republican. The only women were in the background. Recall that in Gillibrand’s last ad, she played up her upstate roots. These ads point to how fortunate (or skilled) Gillibrand was to avoid a primary challenge. We still have not seen her campaign heavily for the downstate liberal vote.

Script and video below:


I haven’t made a career of serving in Washington, but one reason I came to Congress was to be a voice for our military families.
They’ve bravely fought for our country, and it’s appalling to me how our troops and veterans have been short changed.
That’s why I fought to raise their pay, create incentives for vets starting their own business, and co-sponsored the new G.I. bill that’s helping thousands of veterans get a college degree.
I’m Kirsten Gillibrand and I approve this message because they fought for our country, and now we need to fight for them.

  Gillibrand For Vets [VIDEO]