Giuliani Hits McMahon For Bringing Grimm’s Ex-Wife To Debate–UPDATED

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani did his second conference call of the day, this one for Michael Grimm.

Giuliani talked about the negative turn the race has taken, and pointed repeatedly to an article on ABC News and another by a pair of Wesleyan professors that showed that Democrats are more likely to engage in personal attacks. 

“That is a concerted strategy by the Democratic campaign committees all throughout the country. I’ve noticed that in many of the races that I’ve been involved in, probably now as many as 50 congressional race, 8 to 10 Senate races, and I see that in the McMahon race back home in New York. McMahon has engaged in very nasty personal attacks on Michael Grimm, who is a very decent man,” Giuliani said.

The mayor pointed in particular to a report from earlier this week that McMahon invited Grimm’s ex-wife and her parents to sit in the front row at their debate.

“It was the first time I heard a candidate do anything like that, anything as cheap as that,” Giuliani said. “That is really going beyond anything that is acceptable.”

The mayor was asked how he would react if his ex-wife, Donna Hanover, showed up at a debate with his opponent.

“It isn’t my ex-wife and I don’t want to get involved in discussing my ex-wife,” he said. “All things are different. I just think that I’ve been involved in many campaigns for myself, hundreds for others, I never remember anybody being so cheap as do to what he did, Democrat or Republican. Got to be a guy that really is panicked.”

The mayor also talked about an ad which conflated Grimm with a Education Department official of the same name and another which seemed to blame Grimm for the BP oil spill.

The mayor went very negative early, calling McMahon “a career politician” who was worried that if he lost he would not know what to do with himself.

“The reality is people in Staten Island and Brooklyn should realize that a vote for McMahon is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, straight out and out. No matter whether McMahon says ‘Well I didn’t vote with Pelosi’ or whatever. The reality is that if you vote for McMahon you are voting for Pelosi as Speaker of the House.”

Giuliani called in from Massachusetts, where he was stumping for candidates, and said he was on his way to Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Illinois and West Virginia over the next several days. He has spent the previous two days in New York with Grimm, Dan Donovan and state Senate candidates Anthony Como and Frank Padavan.

He finished by saying that he is confident that next week will bring a G.O.P. sweep.

“Hopefully we are going to have a real kind of revolution on Tuesday. It looks that way to me.”


McMahon spokeswoman Lauren Amendolara responds:

“It appears to be a little demeaning for a former Presidential candidate to be rehashing some tired, old charges in someone else’s campaign.  Mr. Grimm has sent out at least four mailings and three TV ads attempting to mislead the Congressman’s record.  The Grimm campaign has been nothing but negative in both the primary and general elections.  We think they doth protest too much.  This election is about jobs, the economy and who will be the best representative for the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn in Washington.  And that’s what the Congressman is focused on.”



  Giuliani Hits McMahon For Bringing Grimm’s Ex-Wife To Debate–UPDATED