Good Morning, Bill Clinton!

Gosh, President Clinton, you’re all over the New York Times this morning. One of the reasons is good, and the other reason would appear to be not-so-good, but since there is no such thing as bad press, it is actually also good.

First there’s the fact that your appetite can make a restaurant internationally renowned. If you eat there: it’s famous, end of story. We were reading this piece and we were thinking “wait isn’t he a vegan now? Because of his heart? ” Then one restaurant person told the paper you still ordered a filet mignon: “The doctors tell him not to eat it, but he does anyway.” Well done.

And then there’s the article about how the Democrats are going to take a whomping in the midterms. But whatever, you’re doing what you can. That’s literally the tone of the article. Said the dean of the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas: “There’s probably no one better in this day and time to bring out the Democratic base than Bill Clinton.’

Glad to see you back in the press.


The Observer Good Morning, Bill Clinton!