Good Morning, Jesse Eisenberg!

Mr. Eisenberg! Who knew?

This week The Social Network won the box office race, pulling in $15.5 million. Now, this wasn’t exactly a surprise, the movie’s been hailed by all the critics, and moreover the movie also won the honor last week (we congratulated Aaron Sorkin, then). But this continued success is certainly a testament to your staying power.

Your movie beat two newcomers, Secretariat and Life as We Know It, which feature things America love: horses and Katherine Heigl, respectively. And your movie is about a spooky nerd. That must mean you’re mighty likeable. Or at least not so off-putting as scare people away from theaters. I mean, Zombieland? That movie’s success could easily be attributed to the star power of Woody Harrelson.

We expect good things from you!  Great things! It’s a good Monday!


The Observer Good Morning, Jesse Eisenberg!