Good Morning, Johnny Knoxville!

Shocking, Mr. Knoxville! You won the weekend box office?

Who’d have thought that, with Jackass 3-D, you and your cohorts would still be bankable stars? Isn’t your median age something like 65? Perhaps it’s the attraction of seeing geezers do dangerous things, ala Space Cowboys. We hope it doesn’t inspire a bunch of copycats the way your show did! Nobody wants to see Clint Eastwood lighting his farts. Is that what you do? We haven’t seen the movie yet.

Or perhaps it’s paring something that was popular in the 1970s (3-D technology) with something that was popular 10 years ago (Jackass), to create some kind of super-ironic nostalgia machine. Is that what your movie’s like? A wry commentary on the fickle tastes of the American public? Again, we haven’t seen it.

Whatever the reasons for your success, we congratulate you.


The Observer Good Morning, Johnny Knoxville!