Good Morning, Martin Freeman!

You’re just all over The New York Times this morning, sir!

First, congratulations on scoring a major minor role: Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. You’re an overwhelmingly skilled actor and we’ll be pleased to spend two movies with you. We loved you on the British Office.

Don’t tell him we said this but Elijah Wood, well, a little of his little character went a long way.

And you’ve got a show coming to the states as well! Sherlock, set in the modern era, where you portray Dr. Watson and were highly praised.

Your success forces us to consider the career path of your American counterpart on The Office, who has, to date, directed a poorly reviewed David Foster Wallace movie and starred in another with Robin Williams.

Here’s hoping they don’t do an American version of The Hobbit.


The Observer

Good Morning, Martin Freeman!