Good Morning, New Zealand!

Congratulations, New Zealand, you nabbed the movies based on The Hobbit, a real boon to your growing film industry.

When Peter Jackson started hemming and hawing about whether or not the two movies would be shot in the same place as their predecessors, you sprung into action for a drawn-out public negotiation. Now, at the 11th hour — they want the first movie in December 2012! ­There’s no time! — an agreement has been reached.

So what did New Zealand have to give up to get Peter Jackson, himself a kiwi, to return home? According to The Times: “John Key, the prime minister of New Zealand, said Wednesday that his government would change local labor laws and offer other financial incentives to keep the films there.” Maybe you didn’t read The Art of the Deal? But that’s not a great deal.

All the same, a win’s a win. Congratulations!


The Observer Good Morning, New Zealand!