Grimm and Paladino Cross Paths on Staten Island

A reader sent along this photo of Carl Paladino with congressional candidate Michael Grimm at the Staten Island ferry terminal yesterday morning.

Paladino was shaking hands with morning commuters, part of a downstate push to make up a big gap in the polls.

“They were campaigning separately and crossed paths,” said Steven Stites, a spokesman for Grimm. (The two apparently weren’t together for long. I arrived a few minutes after Paladino’s announced arrival time of 8:30 a.m., and didn’t see Grimm–though there were people holding signs and handing out literature for his opponent, Michael McMahon.)

Like so many Republicans, Grimm has tried his best to navigate the strong emotions–for and against–that Paladino has inspired in voters. In late September, Grimm had trouble remembering who he voted for in the primary, though he thought it was Rick Lazio. (It was, according to Stites.) Grimm is on the record criticizing some of Paladino’s comments, but is supporting him as the Republican nominee.

On Staten Island, Grimm might get more of a boost from another Republican–local district attorney Dan Donovan–who won 68 percent of the vote in his re-election in 2007.

Grimm and Paladino Cross Paths on Staten Island