How About a Terrorist Motel at Ground Zero?

Earlier this week, Prince Walid bin Talal sat down with The Times for an interview about how he is frequently lampooned by Fox News, despite being the largest holder of News Corp stock outside of the Murdoch family–something John Stewart brought to hilarious light in August. The reason the Saudi prince has been a target of derision is that in the past he has supported Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, one of the chief backers of the Ground Zero “mosque.”

Yet Prince Walid told The Times that despite his association, he would seen see the Park51 community center moved: “I have been associated Ground Zero motel
with this mosque in New York, but frankly speaking, I have nothing to do with it. I’m not for putting that mosque there.”

Well, good news. Should the project indeed move–the developer of the project is making a pretty big push for it to stay at the moment–Curbed has found a replacement. Someone sent them surprisingly real renderings for… a terrorist motel! Obviously this is a joke, but who are the architect provacateurs behind it? They even
went so far as to come up with a detailed press release for the project:

The entrance will be in the form of a dramatic mountain cave with a thirty foot high opening, loosely fashioned on the Tora Bora outpost of Osama Bin Laden. […] The motel will be non-denominational, with no preferences given to religion, race or creed. Mr. Muhammad Imam, the spokesperson for Stealth Architects, said “rather than spending three trillion dollars on an ‘endless war’ which cannot be won, we can put the terrorists up here; at the motel, at the International community’s expense and it will be much cheaper.”

If the 9/11 families are opposed to a glorified 92nd Street Y, wait until they get a load of this.

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