Howard Kurtz’s Bob Dylan Moment

David Carr wrote his column this week about the migration of traditional print reporters — namely Howard Fineman, Peter Goodman and, just like week, Howard Kurtz — to digital outfits. Mr. Carr compared Howard Kurtz’ crossover from The Washington Post to The Daily Beast to Bob Dylan plugging in on Sunday night at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965.

The Observer spoke to Mr. Kurtz last week after he announced his move. We asked him if he felt like he was selling out. “I don’t know why anyone would say that,” he said. “What I like about The Daily Beast is that it’s a very solid journalistic enterprise. It practices journalism without paper. “

Mr. Carr ended his column by saying that online journalism is totally great in a lot of ways, but there is also nothing that can replace an old-school news break on paper. “There is still no school like the old school,” Mr. Carr wrote. We’ll see if Mr. Kurtz ever goes back to the acoustic guitar. Howard Kurtz’s Bob Dylan Moment