Kids Tested, Mairie Disapproves: Larry Clark Earns Paris Age Ban

A recently opened retrospective on Kids director Larry Clark at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris has come under fire from those concerned about its somewhat racy content. Responding to complaints, the Paris mayor’s office has slapped an under-18 ban on the exhibit, which has in turn led free-speech activists to rally behind Mr. Clark.

Among the many public displays of support for Mr. Clark, the left-wing newspaper Libération published explicit photographs from the rertrospective on its front page in protest, The Guardian reports. “I see this as an attack on youth, on adolescents,” Mr. Clark told Libération. “These photos are for them … Forbidding people of 16 or 17 years old to come here and to see themselves is stupid.

Mr. Clark has been busy. WWD reports that he appears on the cover of a new biannual New York publication, “The Dirty Durty Diary (DDD),” with girlfriend and muse Tiffany Limos, the magazine’s editor-at-large.

If such a ban had existed at an earlier display of Mr. Clark’s work, the two may have never met. George Gurley profiled them for this publication in 2002, detailing how Ms. Limos introduced herself at an exhibit of the director’s photography at the downtown book store Printed Matter when she was just 19. In that article, Ms. Limos still had a strong memory of what she first thought when she saw the sexual photos on display: “I was like, ‘Oh, fuck that shit.'” Kids Tested, Mairie Disapproves: Larry Clark Earns Paris Age Ban