In Deed! Wild Style Loft for Stylist; a Tribeca Townhome Five Floors Up

 — They don’t make ’em like they used to, and that’s not always a bad thing. Back in May, Dennis Margulies of Corcoran and Debra Kameros and Susan Weiner of Elliman took a co-exclusive on two adjoining, somewhat ungainly lofts at 708 Greenwich Street in the far West Village. The original price for the 2,200-square-foot spread — which the listing suggested could be combined, albeit for a shotgun apartment if ever there was one — was $2.49 million, followed by a cut in June to $2.39 million, until the units slipped off the market in July. 

The reason, it seems, is that stylist Susan Price took interest in the original April listing of the larger of the two apartments, which was solely in the hands of Mr. Marguiles. Whether he can be called the victor is hard to say, as the spoils on the deal were a mere $1.2 million, or less than half the original ask for the pair for more than half the space offered by both apartments, as the sold unit measures 1,200 square feet. It’s a good deal, for a pretty prime location (the High Line and Hudson River Park beckon) with plenty of space and exposed bricks. The seller is Andrew Jacobs.

 — Warren Street is one of the few unbecoming stretches left in Tribeca. (Are we fudging the border, as it’s one block south of Chambers?) The street used to be a haven for wholesalers, but now most of the storefronts are barren. In there place a few condos have arrived, including the Tribeca Townhomes at 16 Warren Street, a glassy white structure that reaches 10 stories skyward, with every two of them dedicated to a duplex. After languishing since the spring of 2008, when the second-to-the-top unit came on the market for $4.675 million, it has finally sold for $3.335 million. In addition to the floor-to-ceiling, 15-foot windows, the apartment boasts a double-height grand room and three bedrooms and as many baths. The sellers were developers Joel Assouline and Vibeke Lichten. The buyers, one imagines thrilled with the purchase, are Dreamers Pad NYC, LLC.

 — In case you missed it, there was the blockbuster sale our colleague Chloe reported today of Agnes Nolan‘s 271 Central Park West duplex to call center maven Vikas Kapoor. The unit was brokered by the Ms. Nolan of today, Dolly Lenz, and they nailed the unit for just $100,000 short of the $14 million ask. The former grand dame of real estate had lived there since 1964. In Deed! Wild Style Loft for Stylist; a Tribeca Townhome Five Floors Up