In Other News…: Let’s Start Naming More People Merlin!


Abe Sauer highlights the “Men’s Names That Time Forgot.” Merlin! Yes! Viva Merlin!

Not to be outdone by Ramona and Mario, did Simon and Alex renew their vows on the Real Housewives of NYC? There’s a rainbow sequined blazer involved. What better way to say I love you. 

Siena Poll says 61% of people surveyed think Carl Paladino is a loose cannon. And the other 39% think that his verbal vomit on Fred Dicker was…totally normal?

Question 1: Does Meatpacking District club Provocateur discriminate against short women? Question 2: Did this cause Sean Parker to flip out and threaten to suspend the door person’s Facebook account? God that would be hilarious. Even more funny: if Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker flipped out at the door of Provocateur. 

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