In Other News…: Suing Twitter Over Crabs

– A Broadway actor is suing Twitter to get them to release the identity of a Tweeter who accused him of having crabs. 

– Ed Koch says “The Social Network” is “stupendous.” He is so adorable. Is he taking applications for adopted grandchildren?

Paladino to launch hit campaign on Cuomo based on Candyland. The potential for photoshop jokes here is basically endless. No word on who will be cast as Gloppy

– Do you like waiting for the bus? No? We don’t either! But now, instead of waiting in those awkward bus hut things, you can wait in front of the comforting glow of your computer watching a new bus-monitoring website from the MTA. It’s cool and all, but you know what would be cooler? If the buses just came on time. And if there was no Metrocard fee increase. 

Jackass 3-D is opening this weekend. Alternatively, you could sniff some lead paint. The effect on your brain would be roughly the same. 

In Other News…: Suing Twitter Over Crabs