In Richard Johnson’s Goodbye, a Nod to the Competition?

Richard Johnson penned a goodbye note to Page Six readers this morning. He said that he never thought he’d be writing the column for so long — nearly 25 years.

“In fact, about 20 years ago,” he wrote in today’s Post, “when a hotshot reporter was brought onto the Page Six staff under me, a snarky media columnist wrote, ‘Shades of Wally Pipp.’ … Years later, I demanded an apology from the snarky columnist, saying, ‘I’m not Wally Pipp — I’m Lou Gehrig!'”

About 20 years ago, Mr. Johnson took a break from Page Six to do some work for television and the Daily News. Around that time Timothy McDarrah, Joanna Molloy and Frank DiGiacomo, who is now leading Gatecrasher, Page Six’s competition, all shuffled through the column.

Mr. DiGiacomo certainly has a leg-up on Page Six’s new boss, Emily Smith, when it comes to exeperience with New York City gossip. It’s a classy goodbye from Mr. Johnson. As Mr. Gehrig said in his farewell to Yankees Stadium, “Look at these grand men. Which of you wouldn’t consider it the highlight of his career just to associate with them for even one day.” In Richard Johnson’s Goodbye, a Nod to the Competition?