Twilight Hand Model: Way Too Into Her Hands

Great, great story today in the Post about the woman whose hands grace the cover of the book Twilight. The story’s headline implies that she wants more attention for her contribution to the series, but primarily she seems interested in talking about her hands.

She was paid $300 for the shoot of her hands, which she had to file assiduously so that they more closely resembled a teenager’s hands. The best thing about her hands, for hands on the cover of a vampire book, is that her hands don’t have many veins. People have tattoos of her hands, and, as a weirdo autograph, people have asked her to trace the hands on their book, even though they can surely do this themselves. She sells apple-scented hand cream at Twilight conventions.

Here’s best part:

She even carries around a Gala apple in her purse at times so she can recreate the pose for people.

Now, her hands also appear on the Kindle version of the book, so she seems like she may be entitled to some royalties there. Get a hand lawyer, lady!

Twilight Hand Model: Way Too Into Her Hands