John Hall on Who Will Rubber Stamp What

Embattled Congressman John Hall made his pitch to young Democrats in Manhattan last night.

At the Red Sky Lounge in Midtown, Hall told members of the Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century that the upcoming midterm is a “crazy, totally irrational, Jerry Springer election.”

Hall, who rode a Democratic tide to election in 2006, is facing a spirited challenge from Republican Nan Hayworth, a local opthamologist. A Siena poll released this morning called the race a toss-up, with Hayworth leading Hall 46 percent to 43 percent (within the four point margin of error).

Hayworth has also outraised Hall, who said last night that his opponent had collected nearly a million dollars in recent weeks.

“So we have $800,000 going to drop out of the sky saying what a rubber stamp I am for President Obama and Speaker Pelosi,” Hall said. “I personally believe were my opponent to be elected she would be a rubber stamp for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Minority Leader Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan.”

Hall, a former member of the soft rock band Orleans, contrasted those donors with his friends in music, like Bruce Springsteen, who have been raising for him.

“None, not once, has told me how to vote,” Hall said. “Which is probably not the case where the corporations that are contributing to my opponent’s campaign.”

Hall also took a swipe at Sarah Palin–who 51 percent of district voters view unfavorably, according to this morning’s poll.

“I have represented more people than she has for more years than she represented them,” Hall said. “But I haven’t gotten my daughter on “Dancing with the Stars” yet.” 

(In fact, Alaska appears to have a slightly higher population, but Hall has served nearly four years now, compared to Palin’s two-and-a-half year tenure as governor.)

Hall also offered a rallying cry to the anti-Tea Party set.

“This is our country, we have just as much right to claim patriotism and ownership and loyalty and to decide what is right for this country as Glenn Beck who has sent staffers to work with my opponent,” Hall said.

Hall discussed his plans for safe energy as his campaign aides nudged him to end his 30-minute speech. He closed with a description of a Muppets show he watched with his daughter.

“There is a fork in the road, and there was actually a fork standing up in the middle of the road,” Hall said. “There is a fork in the road here and we can either go back to same policies…or continue to move forward.” 

John Hall on Who Will Rubber Stamp What