Kazakh Filmmaker Begins Unofficial Borat Sequel [VIDEO]

Kazakhstan filmmaker Erkin Rakishev has started work on a film that aims to combat the negative press that he attributes to Sasha Baron Cohen’s 2006 mock documentary Borat. My Brother, Borat will follow a sibling of the Cohen character as he makes the case to an American, John, who is considering visiting the country.

Mr. Rakishev says he welcomes any lawsuit from the original film’s creators, which seems inevitable as their intellectual property is right in his title. He says he’s trying to show the real Kazakhstan in his movie, an effort that recalls a four-page ad that the Kazakh embassy took out in The New York Times when the movie was in theaters. AtlanticWire first reported on this new film, and offered the following video.



Putting aside the fact that Borat wasn’t really about Kazakhstan at all, Mr. Rakishev’s efforts seem like they may only remind people of a movie that’s already four years old. Kazakh Filmmaker Begins Unofficial Borat Sequel [VIDEO]