Kristin Davis Mails On Her ‘Redemption’

Kristin Davis is mailing to voters in New York City and to college campuses, on behalf of her pro-marijuana, pro-same sex marriage campaign for governor.

The latest piece of mail–with the large headline “REDEMPTION”–outlines her personal story, including the four months spent at Rikers Island for supplying prostitutes.

“Kristin Davis did the crime–and did her time,” it says. “She paid her debt to society. What about Spitzer, Paterson, Espada, Rangel, Lopez and Hevesi?”

That criticism focuses on Democratic scandals, but the piece also assumes Democrats will keep control of the governor’s mansion, imploring the recipient to “SEND THE NEXT GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO A MESSAGE” (which is interesting since she shares an adviser with his Republican opponent, Carl Paladino).

For more on Davis, see Molly Young’s profile in this week’s Observer.

Kristin Redemption Kristin Davis Mails On Her ‘Redemption’