LG at last look-see

LG damage control continues as moments ago Kim Guadagno twittered an ‘atta girl shout-out to state Sen. Diane Allen (R-Burlington), a followup to L-Guv’s twitter honoring the late Assemblyman Eric Munoz.

Guadagno caught much off-the-record elbowing from wounded Democratic lawmakers last month when she praised Port Authority Pooh-bah Bill Baroni for leaving his “easy” job in the legislature.

That remark – coupled with Guadagno’s 2009 campaign trail comments about two prosecutors bearing down on Trenton and striking fear into the hearts of Statehouse regulars and her gumcracking, Joe Pesci delivery at a secretary of state budget hearing appearance earlier this year – contributed to a building narrative of Guadagno as anti-legislature. 


Just anti-Democrats in the legislature.

For while the LG has now carefully twittered smooth-over appreciation for worthy GOP legislators, her praise of distinguished deliberatives still hasn’t crossed the aisle, at least as of a last look-see. LG at last look-see