Lindsay Lohan Is Also Getting Twitter Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s drug problems have been well publicized, but now she is struggling with a darker issue: Twitter addiction.

According to the The Daily Mail, staff at the Betty Ford Clinic, where Lohan checked in last month, have restricted her to just two hours of cell phone use a day for communicating with close friends and family, no status updates or tweets allowed.

Lohan’s last Twitter post, dated Sept. 26, called on the Governator to put a stop to the paparrazi. In the days and hours before that she regularly used the site to thank her fans for their kind words. But Lohan also used Twitter for less wholesome activites, like posting topless photos of herself.

Does it make sense to cut Lohan off from the support of her adoring public? Scientifically speaking, yes. Researchers have found that posting a Facebook status update or writing a Twitter post triggers a release of dopamine in the brain, the same chemical reaction that creates dependence on drugs and gambling.

That euphoric feeling of social contact doesn’t last long, leaving addicts like Lohan to chase that fleeting high in 140 characters or less.  ( <== ahh, 140 on the dot)




Lindsay Lohan Is Also Getting Twitter Rehab