Lt. Dan Choi on DADT, Anderson Cooper and Grindr [Video]

The gay infantry officer and Arabic linguist who came out on Rachel Maddow and was discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, was the guest of honor at a recent dinner hosted by the Atlantic magazine in honor of its Brave Thinkers issue. 

Not surprisingly, Lt. Choi had a lot to say. Much of it he offered up in a forceful oratorical style that one imagines he picked up from his father, a Baptist minister, and which had one guest comparing him to Maya Angelou (they didn’t mean it in a good way, which sort of indicates the kind of cynicism floating around media circles these days). But Choi deployed a rather sharp sense of humor as well, especially when he namechecked Grindr and The part when he described looking at a picture of Michelle Pfieffer and praying to God to give him a boner? The Observer’s videocamera cut out at that very moment, alas (our notebook, however, worked like a charm).

We’ve got the rest of the highlights, alternatively fiery, inspirational and disarmingly funny. 

Lt. Choi began with some choice words for President Obama… 


He advised the crowd to “fuck the vote”:


He quoted a great prophet (debatable) to make the point that advocates of justice aren’t responsible or the controversies that arise due to their efforts:


He spoke in detail about life at Westpoint, including his attempt to hide his sexuality by joining the choir (!) and the racism he experienced:


He described the gay panic that can set in among CNN viewers who experience a “little flicker” while watching Anderson Cooper:


He spoke about finding true love…in a bathhouse.



He joked about trolling for hookups on Grindr and Manhunt:



And finally, he gave a demonstration of his Arabic language skills that would make Juan Williams pee his pants:


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