Meet Mikhail Prokhorov: Devourer of Worlds

For its latest issue, ESPN The Magazine reached out to their new sister company Marvel to create a series of fake comic book covers representing all 30 teams of the NBA. The jokes range from topical to goofy, but one of the better ones depicts Lebron James walking away from his Cleveland jersey, mirroring an iconic Spider-Man moment.

But we thought we’d share the Nets one below. In it, the team’s eccentric new owner Mikhail Prokhorov is depected as Galactus, the gigantic Fantastic Four villian who travels from galaxy to galaxy eating planets. His forerunner, the Silver Surfer, is played by Devin Harris, the team’s captain and a lynchpin in the Russian oligarch’s plans for planet Earth. And Brooklyn.




Image courtesy ESPN The Magazine Meet Mikhail Prokhorov: Devourer of Worlds