Meet REMcloud, a Twitter For Your Dreams

Twitter has become the default record of our waking zeitgeist, a stream of consciousness now being archived by the Library of Congress.

If Freud had his way, the bigwigs in Washington would add REMcloud, a micro-blogging service for recording users dreams, to the national archive.

REMcloud users post short transcripts of their dreams to the service, then share these dreams with friends. Commenting is encouraged, perhaps analyzing is the better word.

The service also offers a sort of automated analysis, searching for keywords in dream posts to produce an interpretation. Tooth decay? You’re worried about impotence. Glass of milk? You secretly desire your mother. See how fun and easy this is?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the service plans to make money by offering advertising along with slightly creepy premium services like links to professional shrinks or sleep aids.

Perhaps the most interesting possibility for this service, if it were to go mainstream, would be its ability to capture a wide snapshot of our collective dreaming. Did a quarter of users last night dream they saw a herd of miniature elephants chasing Obama across a tea plantation? What could that possibly mean?

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Meet REMcloud, a Twitter For Your Dreams