Michael Steele and State GOP Coming To Harlem

State Republican Party chairman Ed Cox has been barnstorming the state as part of his “Take Back New York” tour, while national G.O.P. chairman Michael Steele has been criss-crossing the country as part of his “Fire Pelosi” bus tour.

Tomorrow, their routes will intersect in that bastion of conservatism, Harlem.

The two will rally for Michael Faulkner, the Baptist minister and former New York Jet running against Charlie Rangel, whom The Times revealed today used to have a locker next to Mark Gastineau’s.

Cox has previously come to New York to rally for congressional hopefuls Bob Turner (who is running against Anthony Weiner) and Michael Grimm, and while Faulkner remains an impossibly long longshot, highlighting Rangel’s continued ethical troubles could have big payoff for local Republicans.



  Michael Steele and State GOP Coming To Harlem