Morning News Digest: October 18, 2010

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Winners and Losers: Week of October 11

Once again our Losers list includes a public corruption target as Lydell Sherrer found his way into federal hands. On the winners side, a pair of Republican young guns highlights the list, but don’t worry conspiracy theorists, the Dems put up a good showing as well.

Without further ado…(Editor, PolitickerNJ)



Little supporters swamp Pallone in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN – A crowd mostly affiliated with the Little camp packs Temple Shalom here as U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) debates 6th Congressional District challenger Anna Little, the mayor of Highlands, who just arrived from Piscataway and another packed rally with Gov. Chris Christie.   (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)



Sipprelle assails Holt on Wall Street reform

ABERDEEN – Most of the crowd disgorged the Temple Shalom when Anna Little Little left, and now a solitary Scott Sipprelle of Princeton Twp. enters and announces that U.S. Rep. Rush Holt “insisted on keeping us separated” in this 12th District forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)



The Democrats’ brutal weekend

More bad polls. More bad fundraising numbers. More dreary talk on the Sunday shows.
It added up to a brutal weekend for Democrats, as the consensus among election analysts, already bearish on the party’s prospects, took a turn for the worse over the past 48 hours.  (Hohmann, Politico)



Republican candidates flush for Senate bids

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee may have posted a record fundraising quarter that lapped its Republican rivals, but in the field, it’s a complete reversal of fortune.  (Catansese, Politico)



GOP hopefuls narrow focus

WASHINGTON—The Senate is likely next year to see the largest group of strong conservatives enter the chamber since 1995, with Republican candidates calling for an end to the minimum wage, a phase-out of federal involvement in education and for challenging federal regulations they say have no foundation in the U.S. Constitution.  (Weisman, The Wall Street Journal)



GOP sees good shot at Camden County board

Camden County Republicans are billing this election as their best chance in years to end their two-decade absence from the Board of Freeholders.  (Osborne, The Philadelphia Inquirer)



Proposed bill would use teacher givebacks to help buy back lost positions

Six months after Gov. Chris Christie first called for teacher unions to agree to wage freezes and other concessions, debate still roils about what should be done with that money and what the state can and should require.  (Mooney, NJ Spotlight)



Frelinghuysen, Herbert and Libertarian Garwon debate economy, health care

HANOVER — Questions about the economy and health care legislation dominated the radio debate Sunday between the three candidates seeking to represent the 11th Congressional District.

Incumbent Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-Harding, and challengers Democrat Douglas Herbert of Chatham and Libertarian Jim Gawron of Denville, sat for an hour with Julie Briggs, host of WMTR’s “Your New Jersey Connection” in the first
face-to-face debate of the election season in this race.  (Daigle, Daily Record)–Herbert-and-Libertarian-Garwon-debate-economy–health-care



Clock ticking for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Democrats on tax cuts

The state’s Republican administration faces the prospect of partisan gridlock between now and the holidays, as Senate and Assembly Democrats refuse to get onboard with Gov. Chris Christie’s tight schedule to pass key reforms that he says are necessary to balance next year’s budget.  (Fletcher, Press of Atlantic City)






Lautenberg should get behind a plan that makes sense

TRENTON — U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg is missing a chance to demonstrate his worth in Washington and become a hero back home but instead he keeps pushing the same old plan.  (Ingle, Daily Record)



Gays in the military, amoebas in Congress

What do you call a group of amoebas? Congress. That may classify as hate speech against amoebas but I’ll take my chances. In Washington, the debate over whether gays and lesbians should openly serve in the military should have restarted last week after a federal judge put a halt to “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” But Congress is too busy with other things.  (Doblin, The Record)



1994—or worse

As we hit the tail end of another election season, the pundit class — as usual — provides a wide range of predictions about what we can expect. Some focus on strong individual measures (like the “enthusiasm gap” or the generic ballot) to indicate a coming Republican sweep.  (Usher, Politico)



In Case You Missed It



Adler has $1.6 million COH compared to Runyan’s $400K

In the most watched Congressional race in the state, U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) has raised $3,002,455.36 and has more than $1.6 million cash-on-hand, a 4-1 advantage over his 3rd District Republican opponent, according to the Adler campaign.  (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)



Sheriff’s Office streetfight: Berdnik versus Garcia

PATERSON – Enraged over not getting a chance to ask questions of the congressional candidates, the crowd stirs angrily while the two men looking to stand in the snakeskin cowboy boots of former Sheriff Jerry Speziale begin their debate here at Passaic County Community College.   (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)



Obamas try to energize Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – For one night, all those ugly numbers for Democrats – the polls, the unemployment rate — melted away, replaced by 35,000, the tally of Barack Obama fans who flocked to Ohio State University on Sunday night.  (Thrush, Politico)



Signs of N.J. Gov. Christie’s emerging social agenda

Two weeks ago, the federal government awarded Governor Christie’s administration nearly $4.7 million for teenage pregnancy prevention programs. But one-fifth of the money comes with one unbreakable string attached.  (Livio, The Record)



PACs favoring incumbents

Washington political action committees continued to write big checks to North Jersey members of Congress this summer while their challengers lagged far behind, Federal Election Commission disclosures showed Friday.  (Jackson, The Record)



Rep. Smiths appears cruising to re-election in 4th District

Mr. Smith most likely will go to Washington for another two years.

Rep. Christopher H. Smith is running for his 16th consecutive term as congressman from New Jersey’s 4th District. The 4th District includes parts of Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer and Burlington counties. According to expert accounts, the 57-year-old Republican is going to win re-election, easily.  (McGrath, Asbury Park Press)



Congress eyes Fox-Cablevision fight

The loss of Fox channels for roughly 3 million Cablevision subscribers in the New York area this weekend isn’t just raising alarms among sports fans, who could miss baseball playoff and football games. It’s piquing interest on Capitol Hill, too.  (Romm, Politico)

  Morning News Digest: October 18, 2010