Morning Read: Debate!

And when asked what comes to mind when they hear the name of Carl Paladino, voters who were surveyed offered a collection of negative personality traits, like “angry,” “bigoted” or “obnoxious,” the NYT reports.

At tonight’s debate, Mr. Cuomo is also said to be concerned that Mr. Paladino might coordinate with other candidates, particularly Kristin Davis, the former madam, and Charles Barron, the city councilman, to pummel him simultaneously from the right and the left.

 A look at the other candidates who will be sharing the debate stage tonight with Cuomo and Paladino.

Tonight, Paladino needs to focus on the issues; Cuomo needs to cast Paladino as a minor-party candidate, Sheinkopf and Rollins say.

Brendan Scott predicts that the debate will be heavy on theatrics and light on substance.

Robert Duffy is going into attack mode.

Is Carl Paladino good for the Jews?

Roger Stone once attacked and injured an attorney who was working as his aide in what a police source described as a “domestic incident,”

Career staffers in Cuomo’s AG office left because he was too much a micromanager and relied on too tight a circle of advisers, the WSJ reports.

The construction of the expansion of Penn Station into the Farley Post Office is slated to begin today.

Charlie Rangel gave over $26,000 to 13 local Democratic clubs before the Democratic primary.

Special interest money is pouring into state Senate races.

Nearly a third of the polling sites in Vito Lopez’s district are in buildings that were built or funded by the massive not-for-profit group he founded, The Post reports.

Cuomo keeps a tight lid on his schedule.




  Morning Read: Debate!