Morning Read: Investigating Duke

New York City’s image is taking a beating in campaign ads this season.

Buffalo’s enthusiasm for Carl Paladino is waning.

The IG’s report on Aqueduct painted a picture of a state led by Senate Democrats with little apparent interest in serving the public honestly and forthrightly complicating the campaign season for Democratic Senate candidates.

The DN thinks John Sampson and Malcolm Smith should go.

At the debate last night, Joe DioGuardi said, “Sen. Gillibrand has had her two-year tryout and I believe she has flunked. It’s time to give Joe DioGuardi a two-year tryout.”

The NYT profiles the G.O.P comptroller candidate: “In the hyper-competitive and cutthroat world of Wall Street, Harry Wilson was a star.”

And Tom DiNapoli is described as “the nicest guy in Albany” who is now on the warpath.

An inquiry into what breed of dog Duke, Carl Paladino’s pooch, is, set off a furious reaction from the Paladino campaign.

A screwy ballot design could complicate this year’s charter measures.

New York’s House Democrats are donating lots of cash to the DCCC.

Voters must fill in the bubble below their choice, not next to or above it.

The UFT  says that the DOE’s teacher ratings are too complicated for parents to understand.

An internal probe of alleged ticket-fixing by Bronx cops has expanded to Queens and Manhattan.

Dan Donovan on Bernie Kerik: “The man was police commissioner. A lot of people knew him.”




Morning Read: Investigating Duke