Morning Read: Jimmy McMillan: “I Made Stuff Up”

Robert Duffy, Paladino’s accidental running-mate and mop-up man.

Thirty-one state lawmakers carry more than $5,000 in credit card debt.

The NYT on Greg Ball: “When the political id is running wild, this may be one of those rare local races that’s a window onto a lot more.” 

A small staff and a lack of funds are hurting Dan Donovan.

Andrew Cuomo’s list of donors reads like a who’s who of people and companies doing business with New York State, ranging from Albany lobbyists and New York City real estate giants to public employee unions and health care providers.

Chuck Schumer has given $3 million to the DSCC.

Where does downstate end and upstate begin?

Why did some papers report that Jimmy McMillan pays $800 in rent and some report that he pays no rent at all? “I just made stuff up,” he says.

The UFT is threatening to sue the Dept. of Education for releasing test score data meant to gauge teacher effectiveness.

Transit riders face even bigger fare hikes and additional service cuts if the next governor doesn’t increase funding.

Convicted of misdemeanor assault, booted from the Senate, facing indictment. And now Hiram Monserrate has a cold.

The chief judge of New York’s courts imposed a new rule requiring lawyers handling foreclosures to verify that all paperwork is accurate.

Unions are pouring money into state Senate races in the hopes of passing the Taxpayer Protection Act, which would expand the Martin Act by giving pensioners who lost billions in the financial meltdown recourse to sue some of the state’s largest financial firms.

The Department of Aging may cut their case management services by 40 percent in response to Mayor Bloomberg’s call that all agencies trim costs.

The city is closer to tearing down the Sheridan Expressway.

  Morning Read: Jimmy McMillan: “I Made Stuff Up”