Morning Read: Matthew Broderick As Steven Rattner

Steven Rattner is close to accepting a deal for his role in the Hevesi scandal.

Mike Bloomberg thinks that Matthew Broderick should play Rattner in the movie

Former Bloomberg aide Kevin Sheekey has privately encouraged the organizers of the “Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg” to move forward with its campaign, the WSJ reports

Ed Koch and Mike Bloomberg speak in a new commercial for Dan Donovan. Donovan himself does not.

Carl Paladino is the landlord for Planned Parenthood of Niagara Falls.

Paladino defended his son from switching a nightclub he owns–a nightclub on land Paladino leases–from gay to straight.

The DN calls Tom DiNapoli a “weasel” in an editorial.

A lawsuit against the Vito Lopez backed Broadway Triangle development is being suspended since the US attorney is looking into the matter.

A blue-ribbon panel will examine the state’s sentencing laws, which Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman describes as “a mess.”

Careful of the social networking, kids! Wrote an aide to councilman Vinny Gentile on Google Buzz: “Only Brooklyn constituents could make mondays suck more than normal. i dont care that your neighbor’s tree has leaves falling into your yard, I dont want to makes 15 phone calls for you cause you cant figure out how to call department of social services yourself.” She was fired.

Sanitation workers say that jobs cuts have left them unable to clear the streets in case of a big snow storm.

And the city is trying to reduce the number of fire fighters.

The city’s health department tribunal has become “a high-stakes food court of last resort where hundreds of restaurant owners and their representatives trudge each day to defend what they say are their very livelihoods” since the city passed new restaurant inspection guidelines.

The NYPD is stepping up enforcement of cars that block bike lanes.

The G.O.P backed American Crossroads is stepping up their efforts in the midterms.

  Morning Read: Matthew Broderick As Steven Rattner