Morning Read: More Technocrat Than Ideologue

Women are absent in the inner circles of both Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo.

In an extended interview with The Times, Paladino “was most enthusiastic when talking about his plans to make government more efficient, sounding more like a small-business technocrat than a right-wing ideologue.”

Paladino and Cuomo are going after each other’s associates.

Once moderate George Pataki is cloaking himself in the rhetoric of the Tea Party.

And his nonprofit, Revere America, is being accused of false advertising.

Mayor Bloomberg is facing opposition in the City Council with his plan to slash renewal fees for pistol permits.

Ray Kelly is a member of the Harvard Club, but his dues and fees are paid by a private foundation.

Bedbugs are hurting the city’s tourism industry.

Susan Dominus profiles Nicole Bell.

Minor parties are concerned that if you vote for their candidates are both their line and that of a major party, only the votes for D’s and R’s will be counted. This could lead parties like Working Families and Conservatives to lose their place on the ballot.

Michael Grimm has just $25,000 in the bank.

Tom DiNapoli let a top aide secure a plum retirement deal over Gov. Paterson’s objections.

Cuomo ripped Paladino over his false military claims.

The city’s murder rate is climbing.

The new firm handling the mayor’s personal investments is made up of several of his old associates at Quadrangle.

Labor leaders take issue with Andrew Cuomo’s Hugh Carey references.

Big guns came out for Dan Donovan last night.

Donovan is hitting Schneiderman with a FOIL request that seems unlikely to succeed.



  Morning Read: More Technocrat Than Ideologue