Morning Read: Nunchucks In The Car

Federal prosecutors say that Hiram Monserrate turned the non-profit he founded into his personal piggy bank.

Monserrate brushed off the charges

The death penalty is becoming a major issue in Connecticut.

In a Times profile of Eric Schneiderman, Liz Krueger says her Senate colleague understands “the nuance of the law and how you can use it for good against evil. He believes in government.”

And in a profile of Dan Donovan, Guy Molinary says his former chief of staff, “had to be able to work with people, he had to be smart enough to work with all the issues, be chief negotiator in closing the garbage dump. You needed someone honest and who people respected.”

The DN dubs Kirsten Gillibrand “downright smoking these days.”

Rick Lazio watched most of the gubernatorial debate at home on his computer: “I was thinking about how I’d answer the questions and what kind of rebuttal I would make.”

Internet hero and Rent Is Too Damn High Nominee Jimmy McMillan pays no rent in his home and keeps nunchucks in his car.

Carl Paladino wants to get the whole gang back together for a debate in Buffalo on upstate issues.

Harry Wilson is touting his clean sweep of all three big newspaper endorsements.

Another round of polls shows Mike Arcuri streaking and John Hall locked in a dead heat.

But the NRCC has not bought air time in Hall’s district.

Mary Matalin on Carl Paladino: “Guys like that take my breath away. If he was a loudmouth liberal, he’d be my ideal. Then again, if Carl were a loudmouth liberal, New York voters would be facing an echo, not a choice.”

Ed Koch is looking a little banged up.

Obama is about to embark on a four-day five-state campaign swing.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned that revenues have to grow nearly 12 percent in the second half of the fiscal year in order for the budget to remain balanced.

Chris Christie is trying to woo Michelle Rhee.

It will cost $25,000 to change a screwed-up ballot in the Queens special election.



  Morning Read: Nunchucks In The Car