Morning Read: Parker/Paterson?

Patrick Gaspard is expected to leave the White House if the G.O.P takes the House or Senate

Andrew Cuomo has a mixed record as attorney general.

The city’s Board of Elections chief was fired.

The board spent $1.2 million on car services this year.

In Harlem, Michael Steele said, “We will win in New York City.”

If the legislature balks at the idea of an independent commission to police their activities, Andrew Cuomo tells the NYDN edit board create a commission with subpoena powers under the state Moreland Act “that can do investigations of the Legislature and corruption.”

And he told the T-U that he is preparing to launch “a counter-attack” against special interests who oppose him.

Netflix for voting???

David Paterson likes Parker/Spitzer and adds, “If he ever decides to leave that show, as it’s always been in our relationship, I’m available to take his place.”

Paladino is backing off that 20% cut idea.

The CSEA is “shocked” that Cuomo supports David Paterson’s plan to reduce the size of the state workforce.

Michael Goodwin thinks that Andrew Cuomo should endorse Harry Wilson.

The city could be facing a lawsuit from hundreds of teachers if test score data is released, report Meredith Kolodner and Rachel Monahan.

A new website says SUNY is “under siege” after having eliminated all of their language programs.

Democrats are not getting nearly as outspent as they say they are.

To wit: The DCCC just dropped $21.6 million on 66 House races, including four in New York.

A poll from The Hill points to 50-seat Republican pick-up.

NY-20 is now rated a toss-up.

Both Cuomo and Paladino visited the key battleground of Westchester County.


  Morning Read: Parker/Paterson?