Morning Read: Radical When It Was Chic

Carl Paladino has paid out more than twice as much on staffers and consultants than Andrew Cuomo this year.

Andrew Cuomo and Andrew Farkas, past foes and now allies.

Paladino is now a serially apologizing cream puff.

He is also a real hugger.

“[Christine Quinn] was liberal and radical when it was chic, and now she’s become kind of the button-down Brooks Brother player because that’s in fashion and helpful to her now,” a former government official tells the WSJ.

Small-c conservatives today primarily are concerned with, I think, the economy,” Mike Long tells Capital New York.

A study that tracks homeless families has outraged the City Council.

Take a bow, Kathy Wylde and Jay Townsend; Take a seat, Gale Brewer and Joel Klein.

David Paterson doesn’t think that private financing will save the ARC tunnel.

President Obama declared parts of NYC a disaster area after the feds surveyed the damage left by last month’s tornadoes.

A hearing on banning smoking in public parks grew heated.

Hillary Clinton wants grandkids.

Carl Paladino was not a very popular figure at last night’s ESPA dinner.

A federal judge in western New York has indefinitely extended an order blocking the state from collecting taxes on some Indian cigarette sale.




  Morning Read: Radical When It Was Chic